12 funny flower girls images that show their real feelings in the weddings


We often find cute flower girls and boy bridesmaids in the weddings. These adorable little girls and boys are dressed up nicely to add joyous feelings to the ceremony. The flower girl will proceed down the aisle just before the maid of honor, scattering rose petals along the bridal path.

But are they as happy as adults during wedding? Let’s take a look at the below funny photos that reflect their true feelings:

▼Hey, I am really worried about your marriage life.

▼Is it just me who don’t feel funny at all?

▼I feel so tired of these adult’s games.

▼Enough is enough. Love is not for me.

▼I can’t look at this horrible thing that adults do.

▼Don’t you understand my feelings? It’s too loud to handle! 

▼I don’t want to walk around with flowers. I am hungry already!

▼I feel lost in this church. What am I supposed to do?

▼Hi Guys. I am sleepy, wake me up when you are done. Okay?

▼I didn’t mean to steal the spotlight. I really fall.

▼I had enough of these. I quit!

▼I am totally NOT impressed!


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