[VIDEO] A sweet “shark” way to repay its gratitude to the kind-hearted fisherman who freed it


Great white shark (scientific name: Carcharodon carcharias), also known as killer shark and man-eater, is a large marine predator, which can be found in all the major oceans. It is also the only known surviving species of its genus Carcharodon.

The great white shark is notable for its size. It is probably the world’s largest marine predator. It can grow up to over 6 meters (20 feet) in length and 2,500 kilos (5,512 pounds) in weight. It is one of the primary predators of other marine mammals. It is also known to prey upon a variety of other marine animals, including seabirds and fishes. In addition, it is also ranked first in having the most recorded shark attacks on humans, which has earned it its notorious reputation as the ferocious man-eater. Many films and novels have depicted the great white shark as man-eater, but humans are actually not its preferred prey.

The great white shark has been classified as “vulnerable” species by WWF (World Wildlife Fund). It is also listed in Appendix II in CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), an international agreement between governments to protect endangered plants and animals.

Two years ago, a fisherman freed a great white shark accidentally caught in his fishing nets. Since then, no matter where he goes, it never leaves him alone. It is sweet but has also created a problem for him: fishes are scared away.

When the fisherman stops his boat out in the sea, the lively great white shark will swim towards him and then leap out of water to play with him. Sometimes, the great white shark will playfully splash some seawater toward the fishermen to show its joy.

It looks at the fisherman and smiles while baring its shark teeth (although it looks kind of scary…)


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