These 10 pictures are proof why men lifespan is much shorter compared to women


According to a few statistics, the average lifespan of women are said to be much higher than men. That’s right! According to the latest U.S. report, life expectancy for the ladies is 81.2 years compared to 76.4. This may due to the psychological characteristics between men and women.

It’s more likely for men to develop bad habits such as smoking, drinking or even driving recklessly. Apart from that, if you take a look at these 10 pictures below, you will understand why the statistics are relevant.

#1 How confident is this man with his friends?

#2 Gentlemen, death will be approaching you real soon if you do not immediately move away from that area!

#3 Look at how courageous this guy is? Professionalism or simply crazy?

#4 Oh my goodness! He may fall off if he is not careful enough!

#5 Is the man under the car is really brave or is he just an ignorant person?

#6 This person may have a mind that no one can guess of.

#7 He seems to be confident with the two sticks that may be broken at any time.

#8 Is he a professional circus trainer that makes him courageous enough to do this kind of setup?

#9 Which part that may cause the guy to fell and admit himself to the hospital?

#10 The best decision would be if all of them get out of the pool immediately. Don’t they know that electricity can flow through water?



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