An Unusual Friendship. Rescued Ostrich becomes Best Friend with a Baby Elephant


It was in 2014 when staff at the David Shelldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) discovered ostrich Pea and her brother Pod while rescuing a baby elephant. The little ostriches were also in need of aid, so they were taken back to an elephant shelter. They made themselves quite at home among their leathery-skinned companions.

Jotto, a baby elephant, was just one month old when he tumbled down a well and became separated from his herd. David Shelldrick Wildlife Trust brought the poor, wounded elephant back to an orphanage in Kenya so he could recuperate. While ostrich Pod went on to return to the wild, Pea stayed with her newfound friends.

As she grew older, Pea took to snuggling up with her “fellow herd members.”

Although this adorable ostrich later passed away as a result of an unfortunate incident with wild lions in November, 2016, the purity of her friendship with Jotto warmed the hearts of everyone who witnessed it.

Ostrich chicks Pea and Pod, and baby elephant Jotto

Pea and Jotto enjoying a quiet moment together. Aren’t they cute?

“It is safe to say orphaned ostrich Pea most definitely believes she is part of the elephant herd and little Jotto is more than happy to enjoy a cuddle with his feathered friend,” DSWT wrote on October 2, 2016.

Pea delighted staff at DSWT with her antics, and there’s no doubt her “herd” appreciated the company of their feathery friend.

Source: Facebook | The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Credit: NTD.TV


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