Young Swedish Expat Transforms a Nasty Rented Room into a Cozy Apartment


Markus Persson, a young Swedish expat who arrived in Beijing last year needed a room to stay.  He eventually managed to secure a 10 meter squared area room for a mere RMD400 per month via a real estate agent. He was ecstatic to know he managed to find a place to stay at such a cheap price.

However, at the first sight of his room, he was hugely disappointed and unhappy about it.

 The room was cramped and dark.

This was surely a nightmare for the Swede!

Walls were in terrible and derelict conditions. Whether the sockets were functioning properly was difficult to tell.

Cracked walls and peeled off wallpapers.

However, accepting his predicament, he decided to get some help. He enlisted the help of his friend who is an interior designer to revamp his room.

“Less is More”: They sketched out a simple and elegant room.

They took out all furniture and repainted the walls.

New furniture were installed and decorative items were added to give the room a cosy ambience.

Outside, a small area was to be turned into patio.

All items were removed and the walls were painted white.

The contractors applied the finishing touches; everything from decorations in the tiny courtyard outside to the soft furnishings at foot of his bed.

And at last, the final result! Markus was delighted and taking a selfie proudly with his newly renovated room.

Clearly delighted with their hard work for seven days, both men celebrated with their final product.

A lesson to take from this? We should always make the best of what we have. Results may turn out better in our favour with a little bit of determination and hard work.


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