What’s totally wrong with this prom photo?


You’ve watched the latest Spider-man movie right? And of course you know that a prom night is one of the biggest events in high school. The youngsters will look for their prom partners and dress up decently for the big night. As you know, they hoped to date the person they had a crush on.

Source: Twitter

This photo above shows exactly what should be happening in a prom evening. Beautiful young ladies wore the best dresses hoping to become the spotlight of the night. They spent weeks just to decide what to wear and spent hours to make-up nicely. And don’t forget the handbag, isn’t that woman’s best friend? Handbag is the most important accessories for woman!

But wait, there is something wrong with this picture here, can you spot?

Nope?  You might be thinking these girls look absolutely stunning and sexy.

Wait a minute, take a closer look at their handbags!

The beautiful young lady in the middle is British student Eleanor Clarke. She was carrying a silver ‘clutch’ is in fact a huge metal hip flask, big enough to keep her friends’ thirsts quenched throughout the evening.

Why didn’t she carry her favorite handbag to match her beautiful navy dress?

Source: Twitter

Eleanor uploaded the photo on her Twitter and quickly became viral. People think that she is a genius for carrying a giant silver hip flask. What’s shocking is there was no one noticed it except her close friends.

So what’s the benefit of carrying this huge hip flask in the prom night?

Here you go:

Source: Twitter

Eleanor is definitely a genius. By doing something special she quickly accumulated a huge following in Twitter and many praised her for her creativity. Well done, Eleanor. We hope you enjoyed the memorable prom.



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