How this girl transforms a horrifying rented room wonderfully is so amazing


Living alone in the big city is difficult. The cost of living and rental of apartments are so high. 

A young girl who has just moved to big city rented a cheap room but the condition was horrible!

Nonetheless, she decided to change the look of the rented room into a beautiful and comfortable place to live! 

Just look at the walls of this room … full of crayons, ink, color pencils and so on. Absolutely awful! The dressing table also looks ugly and needs to be beautified.

The cabinets of this room are also quite large and seem rather worn out. 

This girl started the transformation process by drawing her plan on paper first. 

Next, she scraped the old paint in the room and replaced with new white paint! 

The room looks brighter now. The beds are replaced with smaller beds so that the space in the room looks wider. 

Then, this girl hung an iron net to hang accessories and small appliances. Wow, it looks fantastic, isn’t it? 

She also added a long mirror to decorate the room and made the room looks larger. 

Cabinets in the room also look very beautiful after placed with white decorative sticker.

The creative idea of ​​this girl should be emulated by anyone who wants to make a transformation of their living space. So let’s do something amazing for your rented room today and improve your quality of life!



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