Elderly couple takes photos in front of their house every year, but the last one is heartbreaking


In 1973, this elderly couple came up with a special idea to tell their love story through photography—taking a photo in front of their garden each season of the year. Whether it be in the rain or sunshine… whether it be flowers blooming, leaves falling or anything in between, we see these two companions standing together through all kinds of weather.

These photos were taken by journalist Ken Griffiths when the tradition first started in 1973.

Their love story blooms in early spring

Their smiles are warmer than a mild summer breeze when they are together

The landscape changes in the winter but their smiles remain unchanged, just because they are together

Flowers blossom as sweet as the cheer in their hearts

Even in the cold rainy weather, the same smiles of love seem to brighten up the garden; he nevertheless offers chivalrous protection to his love, who holds a special place in his life

Without his companion, his smile is withered, yet she may live on to console him like an everlasting spring in his heart

Although her sweet smile is gone forever, true love lives on in his heart. Though we may not always know it, I believe our loved ones will always offer comfort to us from afar.

Images Source: Youtube Screenshot | Gregory Athanasius.
Credit: NTD


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