Funny! 17 family portraits which are ruined by uncontrollable babies


A baby is an invaluable miracle given to a family. But, being a parent is definitely not easy. These cute babies like to create “disaster” to their unprepared parents and catch a surprise.

Parents who become mom and dad for the first time are always excited and proud. They want their cute baby to be captured by camera to leave a lasting memory.

However, babies are uncontrollable sometime by using fluids in their bodies to create “Special Effect” to the photo takings. With this, we are sharing some funny pictures of these infants who ruin the pictures with their families. Enjoy:

Nice picture, wait next second.
Water fountain 1
Water fountain 2
Oh my god, why is this happened to me?
Happy daddy
My brother is cute, wait…
Oh I love my baby, Oh No….
Mother and Son
Wait a minute.
I can’t help it.
Nice photo! Opps…
Adding little Art on daddy’s back.
Mom, look!
Sorry, can’t control it !
Exciting daddy!
Little urine effect for the photo 🙂


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