60-years-old Chinese woman gives birth to twins by having IVF


In 2010, a 60-years-old Chinese woman gave birth to IVF twins and became the country’s oldest mom at 60.

Sheng Hailin decided that she wanted to give birth again after her daughter, 29, was killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in 2009. Her twin daughters Zhizhi and Huihui who are now aged three.

The twins’ father Wu Jingzhou carries his daughters after his sixty-year-old wife, gave birth in 2010

Mrs Hailin said that she and her husband wanted to have the twins to ‘survive and free myself from the loneliness.’

She told the China media: ‘For the baby girls, I have given out all I have.’

Mrs Hailin shortly after giving birth aged 60.

The mother, who works as a health lecturer, said: ‘Some lectures may only last one day, but sometimes I have to stay three or four days in one place.

One of the baby girls, which the couple named Zhizhi and Huihui.

“I could only spend four or five days at home with my children in a month. I’m 64 now and my body is old.”

The twins are now three years old.

An estimated one million families in the country have lost their sole successor since the one child policy took effect in the late 1970s, and another four to seven million are expected to do so in the next 20 to 30 years.

Such families face uncertain futures, with no one to help them through old age in a country which emphasises family life.

Credit:Dailymail UK


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