Rare abdomen birth miracle! Successful full-term baby birth who grew not in the womb


Ten doctors in Barnaul, Russia have welcomed the arrival of Veronika’s ‘miracle’ after 41 weeks of pregnancy.

Healthy Veronika means ‘faith in victory’, seen to be healthy with her 31-year-old unknown mother. The baby is 56cm in length when born.

The recent birth of the 4.1kg (9.1lbs) girl in the Altai region of Siberia is to be the subject of a paper in a forthcoming medical journal. Medics say it is virtually unprecedented for successful full term births from such abdominal pregnancies, and the new born ‘miracle baby’ has been described as one in 625 million because of the rarity.

It is virtually unprecedented for successful full-term births from abdominal pregnancies according to medics. Photo: Nashi Novosti

The woman, who came from Donbass, east of Ukraine to Siberia, is fleeing a civil war, minimize her examination for her first pregnancy due to religious reasons so doctors only understand this unique situation on the day before the baby’s birth.

From the scan, the doctor is surprised to see the baby in the abdomen and not inside the womb.

The baby surrounded by normal amniotic fluid in the abdomen of the protective amniotic sac. Photo: Nashi Novosti

Surgical specialist Vladimir Borovkov, Deputy Head Doctor at the Altai Regional Prenatal Center said “The baby is mostly conceived naturally but the egg has been implanted in an unusual place thus the baby grew outside the uterus. “

Dr. Borovkov said: “In the world, there are less than a dozen such cases. Pregnancy in the abdomen, although unprecedented is not so odd, but in the case of a safe baby delivery with full-term pregnancy is very unique. ”

Dr Dmitry Erin, responsible for blood transfusion, said “The risk of this surgery is very high.”

Assisted by ten doctors in Barnaul, the ‘miracle’ arrival of Veronika in 41st week of pregnancy. Photo: Nashi Novosti

The mother of the baby said, “I want to go through this birth naturally, without outside interference. Together with my husband, we do not think I need to see a doctor. We have our own views.”

“I do not want to be scanned or swallowing pills. We think we will get a doctor when the contractions begin. I feel the baby is moving inside and I think it’s natural and normal. This is my first pregnancy and I think it must be like this. ”

“But when the time has come and there is no contraction, I decided to do a checking. After the scan, I am diagnosed for surgery. ” She said thanking the doctors who carried out the life-threatening surgery.

Another doctor in the team, Marat Zhazhiev, said: “We understand that this surgery has been successful after hearing the baby girl started screaming and crying. There seems to be nothing more important than hearing this screams. ”

In 2014, a Tanzanian woman had given birth to a healthy baby with 32 weeks of pregnancy. The ovum has been implanted in the fallopian tubes where it is expelled. This allows the egg to be implanted again at the abdomen.

But in the case of Barnaul, the doctor is looking for what causes the baby to grow in the abdomen.

Healthy Veronika means ‘faith in victory’, seen to be healthy with her 31-year-old unknown mother. The baby is 56cm in length when born. Photo: Nashi Novosti

Credit: Siberian Times


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