The way you hold your mobile phone can reveal your personality, wondering how?


Nowadays, one thing that most people do every single day all the time is to play with the mobile phones in their hands. However, unknowingly, the way you hold the mobile phones actually shows your true personality!

Choose how you hold your mobile phones from the four options above.

Answer A = Holds a mobile phone with one hand and typing with thumb 

External characters
No one can defeat, your intense intentions, interesting characteristic and strong memory. You won’t easily let go someone whom you loved and you have a fairly mysterious character too. Hardworking and performing duties with full responsibility, ambitious, efficient and flexible. Full of talent, creativity, and fun with the crowd.

Inner character
You are not a reckless and careless person and you know who is treating you well and vice versa. You can tell and differentiate hate and love clearly. Sometimes your choice of words spoken are not good to hear although you didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

You are a person who thinks that everyone in this world should feel happiness and hope that this world is a beautiful place.

When you believe in someone, you fully believe with your heart. You strongly believe in protecting yourself, once you are hurt, believing again is hard. You are a willing person to sacrifice and willingly provide anything to a partner because you are a person who always values a relationship of love. The good news is that you are a hard-to-find partner.

Answer B = Holds a mobile phone with one hand and type with the thumb of the other hand

External characters
Sensitive, imaginative, helpful, sympathetic and have a strong intuition. Have an active personality and a bit impatient. You love adventure, funny and capable of dismissing other people’s attack with jokes.

Internal character
You’re the kind that wanted to be protected, treated well, love attentions and make others around you feel good about you. You are too kind and don’t have a strong standing and thus making yourself easily manipulated by others.

You’re the kind of person who is happy with simplicity. People around need to give you a sense of honesty. Sometimes you are too kind, hard to be tough and often used by people. In fact you are not a reckless person, you know clearly who is good to you, and vice versa, you know how to distinguish between the word hate and love.

You are the kind of person who cannot express feelings, often your partner feels less affection although you have expressed it. You control your feelings so much that others do not know about your emotional changes. But that does not mean you’re a person who has no emotions, you are the kind of person who is willing to be emotional when you’re in love. You’re used to be good and kind to others and never selfish.

Answer C = Holds a mobile phone with both hands and type with both thumbs

External characters
Full of talent, creativity, charming and have vast associations. Generous, smart, confident and attractive with high self-esteem and power-centered. Hardworking, performing duties with full responsibility, full of ambition, efficient and flexible.

Internal character
Have a weak personality, sometimes what you want to do is always hindered by the fears you create yourself. You are afraid of disappointment because you have high expectations. You needed someone who understands you from your perspective.

Your demand is not much, you just have to find someone who really understands you. You are also the one who can appreciate people as they are, sincerely and irrespective of their statuses.

Past romantic memories are very difficult to forget for you. You are afraid of loneliness and always hope for someone getting close to you. However you will turn back in doubt when you have high expectations on your partner and the relationship. You do not care about your own feelings too much though. You will pretend you’re okay even though you are in doubt of your partner to maintain the love relationship.

Answer D = Holds a mobile phone with one hand and typing with another finger from the other hand

External characters
Very creative, smart and sharp-minded. Realistic view, love beauty and art, have sensual attention and sometimes too much thought. Intelligent mind, full of charm and uphold harmony.

Internal character
You’re the kind of person who prefer to be silent and say nothing, but that’s your charm. You are willing to sacrifice for others to avoid hurting them. Sometimes your words are too painful although you have no such intentions. In fact, you are not a hard-to-understand person, just hard to find the right person for you. You hope to live in a beautiful world and everyone is happy. As long as others can understand you, this is enough for you.

Actually you do not like being in front of everyone and crowded conditions. For you, a cozy, well-kept and familiar place is a comfortable place for you, same goes with love. Your biggest weakness lies in your easily-crushed heart and that makes it easy for you to get hurt when there is a quarrel between you and your partner. You are also the kind of person who is easy to be sympathetic if someone is crying in front of you, so you sympathize and forgive.

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