Do you believe that these 7 amazing roads are actually built by humans?


Everyone knows the road is a way for a vehicle, or as a medium that connects one area to another.

In this world the roads are built with not just one or two forms and designs but hundreds and even thousands according to their creativity and local needs.

The road is not just limited to the road on land but it also covers the ocean and air. Each sailing vessels and flying planes have their own coordinates along the route so that no accident occurs.

Human intelligence added with technological advances has enabled something that seems impossible to happen and these extraordinary roads are the proof. Don’t you believe? You can see the photos below and definitely agree with them!

1. This road is located in Carlsbad Goa National Park, New Mexico, USA

2. Ocean Atlantic Road in Norway, connecting Averøy Island, mainland Norway with the Romsdalshalvoya Peninsula

3. This snake-like road is a link between the city of Mendoza and Chile

4. These red and yellow paved highways added smiles to the city

5. One of the busiest highways in Shanghai that is very beautiful especially at night

6. A path on Oahu, Hawaii, which has 3922 stairs, is believed to be a stairway to heaven

7. Cannal Sart Bridge in Belgium. This extraordinary idea can be an alternative to solving flood problems

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