13 School Uniforms from Around the World


For many students, school uniform is what they wear on school days. Even though school uniform is often viewed as boring outfit, they do differ in styles and designs across the globe.

School uniforms can also reveal the culture of their respective countries, whether they are opened or conservative in nature. If you were given a chance to design a school uniform for your country, how would you want it to look like?

Check out what students in 13 countries around the world will be wearing on their first day of school. Tell us which one you like the most. 

#1. England

#2. Indonesia

#3. Malaysia

#4. Philippines

#5. Spain

#6. South Africa

#7. United States of America

#8. Hong Kong

#9. Syria

#10. Japan

#11. Sri Lanka

#12. Uzbekistan

#13. India


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