A Family Dog Wearing a ‘Cone of Shame’ Felt Less Lonely When His Owner’s Father Wore One to Make Him Smile


Dogs can feel lonely and embarrassed, too. They are aware that after an operation, they will need to wear the plastic cone around their necks to prevent them from scratching or licking their wound. However, the dogs feel uncomfortable wearing them and become quite sad when they are required to wear a cone.

A dog named Ollie had undergone a minor surgery that needed stitches. After his operation, he was fitted with a plastic collar, otherwise known as the “cone of shame”. Ollie felt sad and embarrassed to wear the cone, and his owner Alex felt distressed seeing her dog lonely.

“Ollie was just really sad with the cone on,” Alex, Ollie’s owner, said. “He just moped around and was feeling really sorry for himself.”

Seeing that Ollie felt depressed wearing the cone, Alex’s father wanted to make him feel less lonely. He wore a cone he retrieved from storage and accompanied Ollie while relaxing in the living room. As soon as Alex walked into the room, she decided to capture the sweet moment on video. She was not the only one whose heart was touched by the heartwarming gesture but Ollie, too.

“I just laughed and called my mum to come and see, too,” Alex said. “Ollie definitely seemed a little happier.” Alex immediately called her mother and told her about the sweet gesture her father did for Ollie. The dog was no longer lonely and was relaxed on the sofa next to Alex’s father.

A week later, Ollie’s stitches were removed, and he no longer had to wear the “cone of shame”. He was free of the embarrassing collar and was once again a happy dog. Thanks to the heartwarming gesture of Alex’s father, Ollie healed swiftly. His thoughtfulness and understanding provided a relaxing healing process for the adorable dog.

“Ollie’s doing great. His stitches have healed nicely,” Alex said. “They’re both cone-free now. Ollie only had to wear it for a week. My dad only lasted a few hours!”

▼ Here is the video of the sweet moment between Alex’s father and Ollie:

Credits to: Good Stories with Margot Grace @MargotGrace_GoodStories/YouTube Shorts

You may also follow Ollie on his social media to view photos and watch videos of his daily adventures. Here are his TikTok and Instagram pages.

Images credits: © The Dodo


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