A Shiba Inu Manages a Sweet Potato Stall in Japan and Has Become Popular Among Tourists


Multiple online videos of a Shiba Inu selling sweet potatoes left much of an impression on people around the world. The canine seller’s name is Ken-Kun, and he manages a small stall located in a residential area of Kiyota Ward, Sapporo City, in Hokkaido, Japan. It is safe to say that he has become the ‘boss’ of the sweet potato stall.

It is a self-serve stall wherein you will have to do the whole process of buying a sweet potato. A small slot on the right of the stall is where you drop your payment. Then you may get a brown paper bag containing the sweet potato which is ready to eat. Ken will be watching the whole process while you purchase. However, he cannot get your payment or give you a change. His stall has become very popular not only in the area or the whole country but in the whole world. It has become a tourist attraction. However, some people who bought sweet potatoes admit that they only visited the place for 1 reason. You know, right? 😆

The sweet potato stall was opened by Ken’s owner in November 2018. Unexpectedly, it has become very famous not only in the area but around the world in just a few months. It has become a tourist attraction, and people have spread the word to others. Foreigners have visited the stall to see the Shiba Inu selling sweet potatoes, and due to the long queue during the busy hours of 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, the potatoes are sold out every day. However, much to the visitors’ delight, other products are being sold at the stall. Ken garnered many fans around the world, and people are fascinated by the cute “manager” of the stall.

The Shiba Inu Sweet Potato stall has become so popular that news media came to interview Ken’s owner, Mr. Murakami Sonato. He claimed that he built this unmanned shop with his own hands and named it “Dog’s Roasted Sweet Potato Shop”. Each sweet potato costs US$1.35 (about Japanese ¥200). The buyers must have the exact amount and drop the money into a slot located on the right side of the stall. There is also a small note that says, “The dog cannot give change.” 😆

Mr. Murakami revealed that he is a part of a social welfare group. In the past, he gave free delicious baked sweet potatoes to the elderly in nursing homes, and he was well-received by them. Later, he decided to earn some money for the operating expenses of the charity group. Hence, he put his baking skills to good use.

“I was worried that setting up a stall in a residential area might not sell well,” Mr. Murakami said in an interview. “One day, I had an idea and thought of letting a dog be the store manager. People will definitely come to buy some!” Then, the roasted sweet potato shop was opened.

“Was it selling well? Every day’s quantity is sold out!” Mr. Murakami said. Sure enough, all the roasted sweet potatoes were sold out during the media interview.

The stall also has instructions written in Thai, so the Thai tourists would understand how to buy the products when they come to visit.

Unfortunately, if you arrive late, there are chances that the sweet potatoes have already been sold out. However, you may purchase other products, such as a commemorative T-shirt. Part of the proceeds will be donated to animal protection groups and child welfare organizations. A heartwarming gesture!

Tourists claim that their visit to the stall is worth it. They can eat delicious roasted sweet potatoes and see the cute canine manager. Additionally, they can do charity work too. However, tourists are made aware that if they want to take a long journey to the stall, they have to be careful not to disturb the residents in the neighboring areas.

Credits to: 毎日新聞 (Mainichi News)/YouTube

Screenshot images credits: © ANNnewsCH/YouTube


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