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Shiba Inu Escapes Her Kennel in a Plane Cargo Hold During Mid-flight while Dosed on Full Sedatives, Leaving Baggage Handlers Baffled


In this modern age, many people have been traveling with their pets. Airplanes allow this but follow rules and regulations. Guide dogs, emotional support animals, and the like, are allowed inside the passenger cabins to accompany their owners. Otherwise, pets still have to stay inside a cargo hold and secured inside a kennel.

Recently, a male dog owner traveled by plane together with his dog. However, due to the strict regulations, the dog had to stay in a cargo hold during the flight. Before the flight, the owner gave heavy doses of sedatives to her, and the dog was placed in a secured dog cage for safety. Assuming that his dog was safe during the flight, he was unaware that she had escaped, leaving the baggage handlers dumbfounded when they opened the cabin door. The dog was standing at the entrance and seemed as though she was waiting for the staff to roll out a red carpet for her.

Daily Mail news reported that John Krajewski, an American video game creator, traveled on a 6-hour flight from Seattle to Miami with his Shiba Inu, Sputnik. Since John was aware that Sputnik would be inside a cargo hold during the long flight and not interact with him for hours, he sedated her before the flight and secured her in a locked kennel with a sturdy iron door, lock, and straps. This was to ensure the safety of Sputnik during the flight.

When the plane arrived at its destination in Miami, the staff was surprised to see a Shiba Inu at the doorway when it opened. She was standing at the entrance and seemed to be waiting for a red carpet to be rolled out for her. When Sputnik was returned to John, he was stunned to discover that it had escaped its kennel and remained awake throughout the flight despite being heavily sedated beforehand. It turned out that she bit the metal lock and straps and successfully freed herself. John and the staff assumed she was roaming around the cargo hold during the rest of the flight.

John shared photos of Sputnik at the cabin doorway on TikTok. “The crew said they opened the door, and she was just standing there like she’s waiting for the red carpet.” he captioned on his post. “She chewed through the metal lock and zip ties while on a full dose of sedatives.”

It was unknown how long Sputnik was roaming around in the cargo hold. Fortunately, neither she nor any of the staff were injured. During an interview, John revealed that Sputnik was born to be an “escape artist”. She has run away from the backyard several times when no one was around. However, escaping from her kennel while heavily sedated baffled John, who began to think that the tranquilizers did not affect her. “She acts like nothing happened and is totally fine,” John said, laughing.

After the photos were shared on John’s TikTok page, netizens were amused and left comments about the “escape artist”.

“It’s very Shiba Inu style.”

“If it helps other animals in their cages escape, it will be chaos like Madagascar.”

“A Shiba Inu may really do this!”

“The real situation may be that it wandered in front of other cages and looked at the animals inside.”

However, some people found the situation quite dangerous.

“It would have been very scared during the flight, so it would bit its way out of the cage.”

“This is why I never take pets on airplanes.”


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Images and Video credits: © John Krajewski @johnkrajewski/TikTok and DailyMail UK




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