17 Pairs of Twins are Ready for Their First Day of Preschool in the Small Town of Greenock in Scotland, UK


17 pairs of twins enrolled in the same preschool this year, which will start this fall. Some of the teachers in the school assume that they may have difficulty identifying each of the twins in their class.

A small town in Scotland, UK, called Greenock, Inverclyde, is famous for many sets of twins living in the area. Hence, their town is known to be called “Twinverclyde.” Its local preschool, St. Patrick’s Primary School, had 147 pairs of twins since its inauguration in 2013. It has been a tradition of the school to welcome many sets of twins annually since. This year, as the new school year opens, St. Patrick’s is welcoming 17 sets of enrolled twins. However, this is only second to the record high of 19 pairs of twins enrolled in 2019.

“It has become an annual tradition in Inverclyde, or Twinverclyde as we’ve become known, to welcome our twins into primary one,” Graeme Brooks, the depute provost at St. Patrick’s, told Southwest News Service, adding that the community is “lucky to have so many incredible schools.”

The preschool held a special dress rehearsal ahead of the academic school year as the excitement among the students was rising. On that day, 15 out of 17 pairs of twins attended the event, and the group photo was a spectacular sight to see. Mr. Brooks mentioned in an interview that a large number of twins enroll every year, and it has since become a school tradition to welcome them.

“Schools are nothing without the children, staff, and families who make them, and it’s great to see some of the next generation coming through here today, and I wish them all the very best as they embark on the next stage of their education journey,” Brooks said.

One of the mothers who enrolled her twins plans to separate them into different classrooms so her children will quickly learn how to be independent. However, even when twins are separated into different classes, the teachers and staff take a while to recognize their faces, especially ones who look similar to each other. Faced with the dilemma of recognizing one from the other, teachers will surely have considerable challenges when the school year begins.

“Seventeen sets of twins are something else. It must be something in the water,” said Arlene, one of the parents of enrolled twins. “It’s such a big day, after a long wait for the kids to start, it’s come in too quickly almost.”

Twitter posts credits: © Antoine D @AD1968F and New York Post @nypost

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