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A Woman Falls In Love with a Man in a Newspaper Photo and Takes Initiative to Meet Him in Person


People always say that ‘Love moves in mysterious ways.’ Some people claim the quote is accurate, while some have other notions about love. A few years ago, a woman from Tel Aviv, Israel, felt depressed after a break-up. Seeing a photo of a man in a newspaper changed her life forever. She took another chance at love.

Browsing through the business section of a newspaper, Avigail Adam chanced upon a photo of Tom Szaky, the founder of a recycling company in Israel. Avigail felt deeply attracted by Tom’s photo and career achievements after reading the article about him.

Assuming that this was her second chance at love, she decided to contact Tom through his Facebook account. She openly expressed her curiosity and admiration in a private message and proposed a date to meet in person. When they finally met, Avigail did not feel any spark between them, and their first date did not go as expected. However, Tom was fascinated by her and refused to give up. He tried to convince her to go on a second date but to no avail. Unfortunately, Avigail refused.

Determined Tom did not give up and invited Avigail to attend a meeting with him in the Netherlands. It was during the trip that they discovered they had so many things in common and a mutual understanding. After a few weeks, Tom invited Avigail again. This time, for a road trip across the United States. The following weeks changed everything for Avigail. Feelings developed between them, and they began a long-distance relationship.

In December 2014, Tom proposed marriage to Avigail, and they welcomed their firstborn son soon after. She moved from Tel Aviv to New York in April 2015. Today, the couple has 4 lovely children. Looking back, Avigail thought the break-up with her ex was a blessing in disguise. With the happiness she felt today, she sincerely expressed: “This is the best gift I have ever received!”

Images credits: © Avigail Adam Jewelry @avigail.adam/Instagram



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