Adorable Photos of a Horse Family and a Dalmatian who is Deemed the “Third Wheel” are Amusing People Online


It is such a wonder how animals of various species get along well. The website, Just Something, previously released a story about a Labrador that adopted 9 ducklings and a goose. The goose, however, saved a stray puppy’s life. Amazing, isn’t it!

This time, it is a wonderful story of a 2-year-old Dalmatian named Jack Sparrow, who is deemed the “third wheel” in a family consisting of 2 horses named Nevada, a 9-year-old Appaloosa stallion, and Napoleon, a 5-year-old Shetland pony. Just Something and Greetje Hakvoort, founder of the Human & Horse Academy where Jack Sparrow, Nevada, and Napoleon live, recently had a conversation about the trio.

Nevada and Napoleon are not biologically related but get along very well like an actual family. Most of the time, they are together. When Jack Sparrow arrived at the academy, he immediately bonded with Nevada and Napoleon, who are both older than he is, and became the third wheel of the “pack”.

“When Jack Sparrow saw Napoleon for the first time as a puppy, he started to jump towards him, because he thought Napoleon was his family, and since then he always wanted to be around him,” Greetje said in an interview with Just Something. “Nevada and Jack are both calm. They like to be around each other and love to do tricks for me together, while Napoleon is really funny and definitely lives up to his name, having a strong temperament and acting like a little king”.

Jack Sparrow, Nevada, and Napoleon share a strong bond despite their differences. Amazingly, they are close to each other and spend lots of time together. The most amusing thing about the trio is that they all have white fur and black spots, which makes them seem ‘related’. “They are real friends and love to play and run together, but sometimes Napoleon likes to chase Jack,” Greetje said. “Their connection is easy to see, and Jack always wants to be with them in every picture and video.”

Here is an adorable video of the trio:

The trio from 2 different species are adorable to watch, and their photos have gone viral since. They are a perfect example of various species of animals that can get along well together. Enjoy Just Something’s favorite photos of the trio.

Images credits: © Minh Dan Vu Fotografie, Juliette Fotografie, Greetje Hakvoort/Instagram, and Justsomething


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