A Security Guard Drew a Replica of the Cat He Found, and the Owner Immediately Recognizes Him from the Drawing


A security guard of a village drew a replica of the cat he found wandering near his post. A few days ago, a female cat sneaked out of her owner’s house. Fortunately, she was found by the community security administrator.

The security guard on duty had no idea who the owner was, so he secured the feline inside the security post and sketched her. He posted the finished drawing on the community bulletin board so the owner will see it once they pass by. However, the security guard doubted his own drawing and asked himself, “Will the owner find her?” When he took a photo of his drawing and shared it on social media, many netizens were amazed and described the guard as a “soul painter” since he drew the exact copy of the cat he found.

A man from China with the username “Little Five Daddy” on Douyin often shares his daily life with his cats at home on social media. One day, he suspected that one of his cats had sneaked out of his home, so he went out to look for her. Fortunately, he chanced upon the community bulletin board, which read: “Lost Cat: Who lost this cat? Go to the security booth to claim it. It looks like this. with an arrow pointing to the sketch of the cat. Little Five immediately recognized his cat at first glance and thought, “It looks like her. But how can I be so sure?”

The owner hurried to the security booth to pick up his cat. It was her! She looked exactly like the drawing. Netizens were amazed at how similar the drawing was to the real cat, and Little Five Daddy immediately recognized her. Even if the drawing was not perfect, it still was a replica of the real thing, and Little Five immediately found her.

It turned out that the security guard was talented in scribbling. The cat in the portrait looked exactly the same as the real thing, from the details of the fur color, the eye details, and especially, the facial expression of the cat. The security guard did not miss any of the required details for the owner to recognize the cat found.

Sharing his story on social media, Little Five said, “She failed to escape and was blocked by the security guard.” He shared his experience of searching for the escaped cat. Seeing the security guard’s drawing, netizens admired him for the accurate details of the portrait. They also left comments, such as:

“Are you sure it wasn’t scanned from the original photo?”

“At first, I just thought it was a sloppy drawing, but after seeing the cat, I thought it looked too similar.”

“The cat looked unconvinced.”

“It looks exactly like the cat.”

“I still can’t say it’s exactly the same. I can only say that there is no difference.”

“Haha! That resentful little eye.”

“You gave me a deep understanding of the ‘WANTED’ portraits in ancient times.”

“To be a security guard now has to be skilled in something else.”

“I thought the security guard drew well. I didn’t draw very well, but after seeing the cat, I realized that he is really good at drawing!”

Watch on Douyin. Click HERE.

Little Five Daddy reminded all homeowners to keep their doors and windows properly closed. After all, not all villages have a security guard who is both careful and attentive. They are lucky to have one who has a keen sense of detail and responsibility.

Screenshot images credits: @xiaowutadie666/Douyin



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