Alaskan Malamute is Curious about His New Brother and Quite Hesitant to Touch the Newborn Baby


The toughest-looking dogs are often very gentle and caring, and they can be the best guardians for babies. Most parents enjoy watching their children grow up with furbabies in the house. Through the years, the children develop a great sense of responsibility, starting at an early age. Pets can be great playmates, too!

A mother welcomed her newborn in late 2019. However, what was supposed to be an exciting meet for the first time turned out to be an awkward situation between the gentle but shy pooch and the newborn baby girl. Upon seeing the infant, the dog’s reaction was quite hilarious but very touching.

Mama kept pointing to the edge of the crib, and the gentle pooch, named Niko, obeyed by placing his paw where she pointed. However, he immediately removed his paw and showed reluctance. His mama tried to convince him multiple times to touch the baby, but his expression neither showed shyness nor jealousy.

The shy big pooch kept turning his head to the side, reluctant to approach the crib with a sleeping baby. Is this a sign that Niko is jealous? 😆 After a few attempts to convince Niko, he came close and gave the baby a quick kiss on her hand.

Mama: “Come on, Niko. Say hi to the baby.”

Niko: “Huh? What is this? I don’t want to, but… don’t force me!! Hmph! If I don’t want to, I don’t.”

Niko’s reaction to his mother’s attempts is hilarious. In the end, although he was hesitant, Niko finally put his paw on the edge of the baby’s crib. I guess it is never easy to introduce a shy and unwilling dog to a new member of the family.

Netizens hilariously reacted:

“Niko is so cute!”

“I think he is jealous.”

“The dog may be thinking, ‘This is not my sister!”

Originally, the family was raising 2 dogs and a cat… an Alaskan Malamute, a Siberian Husky, and a Maine CoonPhil, Niko, and Milo. They became one big happy family when the newborn baby arrived. The mother frequently shares photos and videos of the interactions between the infant and the adorable furbabies. The latest videos show that the dogs and the baby have started to become close as siblings.

Here is a YouTube video of Niko’s first time meeting the newest member of the family. Later in the video, the curious dogs inspected the toys of the baby.

Credits to: © The Matthews Malamute Family @lifewithmalamutes (Instagram and YouTube)


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