Depressed Dog for 2 Years Due to Best Friend’s Passing Finds New Friendship with a Friendly Duck


Since his best friend, Blackie, a Labrador Retriever, died 2 years ago, a mixed-breed dog named George, from Tennessee, has fallen into depression. He has not been having any appetite to eat and has developed painful self-inflicted skin lesions. George has not been himself since. The 2 best friends were together for the past 12 years, and upon Blackie’s passing, George was heartbroken and fell hard into depression. According to his owner, he almost died twice from anxiety.

Fortunately, a duck came to uplift his spirits. One sunny afternoon, George’s owner Jacquie Litton was amazed to see George with a new friend. A duck that loves to cuddle with the grieving dog and follows him wherever he goes. Happy to witness the immediate bond that was progressing between the 2, Jacquie posted photos of the unusual pair on Facebook.

“We have no idea where this duck came from, but he sure does love George,” she wrote. “And since the duck has arrived George has not cried one time. It is strange for a duck to just appear at our house and be attached to your dog, and even more strangely, the anniversary week of Blackie’s passing. I hope that he stays around.”

After a week since the duck arrived, Jacquie and her family have seen progress in George’s behavior. He was no longer grieving and has not cried since. Jacquie vowed to take good care of the 2 buddies.

“Since the duck has shown up, he’s been fine,” Jacquie said in an interview with WKOW. “He’s not wanted in the house. He’s not whined. He’s not meeting you at the car, ya know, looking sad. As far as his name, I am thinking Donald… after all, we are a Republican Family!”

The 2 best friends are seen everywhere together and have been inseparable since Donald arrived. Good for George. A best friend is hard to find, and Donald’s arrival seems to be a blessing. The duck even sleeps on George’s bed. This is a friendship that will surely last a lifetime!

You may watch a video of the 2 best friends here: (Click on the link below the photo.)

Credits to: Daily Mail UK

Images credits: © Jacquie Litton/Facebook

Video credit: CBS News


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