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A Cleaner was Rewarded a Rolex Watch by the Company She Works For as a Token of Appreciation for Her 10 Years of Service


Company employees appreciate being rewarded for their services, and they are grateful even for the smallest token of appreciation, other than cash, that is given to them. It proves that their loyalty and the services they provided were of value to the company.

A cleaner has worked for a company in Singapore for 10 years and felt very lucky to be rewarded more than what she expected. Madam Tan Ai Tee was filled with amazement when she was given a Rolex watch worth between US$10,000 and $11,000 during the company’s annual dinner event that was held recently.

Madam Ai Tee was not the only employee who was rewarded. A total of 98 Rolex watches were rewarded to other employees who have been of service to the company for years, regardless of their position. To be given such an elegant reward by the company to the employees due to their efforts, service, and dedication is extremely rare.

Madam Ai Tee says that she has been working since she was 16 years old, and her current job as a cleaner at Paradise Group Holdings was not her first employment.

Straits Times reported that Madam Ai Tee once worked as a chicken rice seller, assembled computer accessories, and joined the sales industry. In 2013, she worked as a kitchen staff in a restaurant affiliated with the Paradise Group until it closed in 2016. She continued working for the company as a part-time cleaner, which is her current job.

Madam Ai Tee surely has an impressive resume due to the wide range of experiences she had in different industries. She has admitted to being happy and enjoying her job since she has considered her workplace as her second home, and her colleagues are her family.

Madam Ai Tee revealed that the Rolex watch was not the first reward she has received for her services at the Paradise Group.

“I once thought of leaving the company to take care of my family after my husband stopped working, but I couldn’t leave this place,” she said. “5 years ago, I received a 2.5-gram gold bar, and another 2 years ago, which weighed 5 grams.”

Images credits: © The Straits Times



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