Six-Month-Old Starving Puppy Gets Rescued by a Officer and Decided to Adopt Him


A six-month-old puppy was found starving, dehydrated, and barely able to walk due to neglect, in a New York State home.  A local animal welfare group was determined to rescue the poor horrific puppy.

The puppy named Hemi was rescued by a policeman and decided to ad0pt Hemi in time for Christmas. Luckily, Hemi is on his way to recovery in a warm home.

An anonymous call in late November reported that there were two puppies in poor condition found in the garden, Hemi and another dog. They reported the conditions of the puppies to the Niagara County SPCA. The policeman arrived at the garden and found the two puppies in pitiful conditions.

Hemi and another dog, Foreign, were found in a garden in pitiful conditions.

Hemi’s hind leg was bruised and swollen that he could no longer walk at the time. A police officer had to carry him to an emergency vehicle. The other puppy, Foreign, was doing a little better but could not put pressure on his hind leg.

From the scene, the two dogs were rushed to Northtowns Emergency and then taken into the care of the SPCA, where they were treated and were able to recover.

“It’s sad to think that Hemi is just a baby and that this terrible treatment is all he knows, but we assure you that his life will be better from now on,” the Niagara County SPCA said in a press release.

Hemi and Foreign were given treatment at the Northtowns Emergency

The policeman who carried Hemi to an emergency vehicle had befriended the puppy. He officially adopted Hemi on December 9, after receiving his medical leave. Hemi is recovering and doing much better, according to the latest social media update on Hemi.

On December 10, the SPCA posted a heartwarming photo with a caption on their Facebook page, thanking everyone who has shown their support and telling everyone that he is already in good hands starting the Holiday season and for the rest of his life. “Merry Christmas Hemi ❤️,” they wrote.

Wishing you the happiest of the Holidays.




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