Prison Break! Eight Inmates Break Out to Save a Prison Guard Who was Having a Heart Attack

Image credit: Yahoo7 News

Gary Grim, a 52-year-old prison guard in Texas, USA, suffered a heart attack while at work. There were no colleagues around him, only 8 prisoners held in a cell. The prisoners risked their lives to escape, though not to hurt nor hold him but tried to save him when he was nearly unconscious.

▼Gary has been a prison guard for 20 years. He has always respected prisoners and treated them as equally as possible no matter what crimes they committed. On the day of the incident, he was chatting with the prisoners through the transparent door of the cell, during which he had a heart attack and fell to the ground.

▼The prisoners were startled when they saw this and hurriedly shouted “Help”, trying to attract the attention of other prison guards, but to no avail. In desperation, they escaped from the prison at the risk of being shot, hitting the iron door collectively, and rushing out of the cell. After the successful escape, some prisoners went to other prison guards for help, while others stood by Gary’s side and kept calling his name, hoping to wake him up.

▼After the paramedics arrived at the scene, they immediately performed CPR for Gary and sent him to the doctor for first aid. The other prison guards put the prisoners back to their cells and locked them. Because the rescue was timely, Gary was saved. The prison has strengthened the sturdiness of the door locks, fearing that there will be prisoners who may try to escape.

▼A few years later, Gary has retired, but he remembered the 8 prisoners who saved him regardless of their status. He said that without their help, he would never have lived today.
Courtesy of Tyler Morning Telegraph/YouTube

Gary didn’t look down on the prisoners, he respected them as ordinary people, and developed a deep relationship with them. Because of this, the prisoners desperately tried to save him. Gary is forever grateful.


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