24yo Single Father Takes Along His 3yo Son while Driving His Motorcycle at Work; Netizens Have All Praise for Him


“Father is a big umbrella, always held up on rainy days; Father is a mountain, tall and majestic; Father is a vast ocean, rich and profound; There is only love to give, love that does not take. There is one person in the world who can do it, and that is the father.” A devoted father has the instinct to protect his child, nevertheless.

A few months ago, a netizen shared photos in a Facebook group called “Explosive Waste Commune”, which touched the hearts of many people. The netizens said that while he was waiting for the green light at an intersection, he noticed an Uber Eats motorcycle with a man chatting, laughing, and playing with a little boy who appears to be his son. The netizen captured some photos and shared them online, which moved many netizens.

According to the netizen who shared the photos, he noticed that the man’s pair of pants were stained with cement. He assumed that the Uber Eats driver may be working at a construction site during the day and takes care of his son when he comes home and prepare for his second job. No one seems to tend to the child at night, so he chooses to take him along for the ride. Fortunately, the father was interviewed by the local media, and they learned that his name is Lin Juncheng, and he is turning 24 this year. He and his wife are separated, and he is raising his child alone, 3-year-old “Lele”.

During the pandemic, the father had to struggle to earn more money for his child. He worked as a construction worker from 8:00 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon. He delivers food for Uber Eats from 6:00 to 10:00 in the evening and takes his son along for the ride. He worked an average of 12 hours daily, and sometimes his delivery work shift changes to 10:00 at night until early morning. Lin earns US$4,366.00 (about CN¥300,00) per month.

Lele is well-behaved and always in a good mood. He is careful in helping his father with the drinks during delivery, and he greets the customers with a smile and says, “Hello!” When his father delivers in the morning, and the sun is shining bright, Lele never complains. “As long as I am with my father, I am very happy.” The father and son duo seem to be enjoying the ride while delivering to customers, as though they are exploring the city. Lele keenly observes their route and directs his father in the right direction.

When Lele is tired, he sleeps on his father’s lap. “Sometimes, he falls asleep with a thermal bag on his back. He always sleeps like this. For safety reasons, I will let him sit in front,” said Lin Juncheng. He is careful not to drive fast and uses the insulated bag’s straps for his son’s safety while on the road. Lin admits he does not have much time to spend with his son. When they are together during his deliveries, and he sees his boy smile, his exhaustion fades even after working all day.

Lin does not exaggerate when he mentioned that this is his sweetest life’s struggle. He smiled and said, “Every parent is doing their best for the children. No matter how hard life is, you have to grit your teeth and hold on!” In a short time, the photos shared online garnered more than 40,000 ‘likes’, positive reactions, and comments of encouragement.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“Responsible and a good father!”

“Responsible men are the most handsome!”

Netizens have high hopes for Lin and his son, Lele. He strives hard to have a better life for his son, and everyone hopes the child will grow up healthy and happy.

“The father is a giant who lifts to the sky, propping up a living space for the child. A father is like a mountain, bearing all the burdens and making the child’s life easy and safe. A father is like an umbrella, covering all the wind and rain, leaving the child sunny and warm. A father is like a sun, illuminating a child’s heart so that the child will always be sunny.”

Images credits: FilipinoGuide PH

Beginning and End Quotes gathered from: Lemonlin


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