Netizens Thought She is an AI After This Girl Shares Several Animé Characters in Social Media


In this age of the internet, many aspiring people dream of becoming online celebrities. Netizens are mostly attracted to unusual photos they see online. However, a young woman who imagines herself as an AI has become popular on the internet when she shared her photos on Xiaohongshu.

Xiaohongshu user Wang Shaojun Celine from Shanghai often shares photos of herself in several costumes of well-known characters and like imagining that she is an AI. Her exquisite beauty has the features of a real-life Barbie doll, and netizens who have viewed her photos online assumed that she was actually an AI! Her photos have become viral, and her followers are amazed by the pictures she has shared.

Her photos are even more stunning when her hair is dyed blond, and she is wearing a costume of a well-known animé character. The effects of her make-up indeed make her look like an AI doll. Netizens are amused: “She looks amazing!”, “She looks so beautiful, like a life-sized AI doll!”

The young blogger also shared photos of her wearing the costume of Usagi Tsukino in “Sailor Moon”. She projected the character well with her exquisite facial features, a slim and curved shaped body and donned the exact replica of the female protagonist’s costume. Her followers left comments on her photos, such as, “She looks dreamier than animé characters!” and “She looks like an AI!!”

With her shiny blond hair, delicate facial features, electric blue-grey eyes, and a perfect slim figure that shames a Barbie aspirant, some people would say that the young blogger seems to be a goddess who came to this world.

Some netizens claimed that the young female blogger may not be a real person. In this age of computers and artificial intelligence, some exclaimed that she may be controlled by a computer expert who dresses her in various outfits other than animé characters. The photos that the blogger shared of her wearing a floral dress and heeled shoes seem to be perfect just like foreign supermodels doing a photo shoot session. Her beauty is unbelievable!

In her blog, “If I were AI”, the young blogger showcased photos of her in various attire, and her features really depicted an AI. Artificial intelligent life-sized dolls are only released in movies and maybe in other countries. However, with the appropriate make-up and clothing done in a professional photoshoot, an ordinary woman (or man) can indeed look like an AI!

Images credits: © Wang Shaojun Celine/Xiaohongshu


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