An Elderly Woman Sells Knitted Trinkets but No One Buys Her Merchandise Until a Kind Person Passes By


Not all people are fortunate in life. Some individuals struggle just to have a decent meal day after day. When we look around in public, many people need our help. Most of them do not have a house to live in. I have encountered people in the past who relentlessly stand in line every day for free bed spacing. A little help goes a long way.

Recently, a netizen shared a photo of an elderly woman selling on the sidewalk in the Facebook group, “Tainan Breaking News Commune”. Sitting on a small bench on the sidewalk, she displayed rows of hand-woven trinkets and tumbler holders on a steel stand. The photos shared online moved netizens since they witnessed that no one seems to be buying the elderly woman’s merchandise. Some netizens urged others that if they pass by the woman selling knitted merchandise on the sidewalk, even just 1 item to put a smile on her face and perhaps make her go home early.

The post that the netizen shared said that the grandma usually sets up a small stall and sells her merchandise near a hotel in Tainan and sometimes beside a door of a store next to Peanut Candy opposite Xintiandi, mostly in the afternoon. The netizen came forward and inquired about the items and learned that each item was carefully crocheted by Grandma. However, the elderly woman had poor eyesight due to her age, and she could only crochet 1 tumbler sleeve in one day. Seeing the beautiful and colorful items on display, one can only imagine the effort that Grandma invests into making them.

Each handmade tumbler sleeve costs only US$30.00 (about CN¥200.00). Additionally, she also sells cute little character trinkets that can be hung for display at home, in a car, in the office, or just about anywhere. A cute piglet that was picked by a netizen’s son cost them only US$7.25 (about CN¥50.00). The price is affordable, and the item is worth it.

Here are some of the comments made by netizens on the post shared:

“Grandma’s craftsmanship is good, and she is kind and talkative.”

“The tumbler sleeve is really durable.”

“They may all be hand-woven and are really cheap.”

When the post was shared in the Facebook group, most of the members were amazed by the grandma’s affordable merchandise, leaving excited comments, and some of them wanted to pay a visit to the elderly woman in groups and buy some items from her.

“Tainan people, come out and buy to help Grandma.”

“Help Grandma. Buy some of her items.”

“Grandma is amazing! I hope many people come to congratulate her on a job well done.”

“The cup holder is so cute! I will rush there to buy it tomorrow.”

“The strap is so cute. It’s a pity that I live in the north.”

“Grandma’s work is so beautiful. I want one, too.”

“This work is actually very good! Yay, grandma can make more money if someone can help with online auctions.”

According to the latest news, a kind-hearted netizen purchased several items from the elderly woman, making her earn enough money to make more of her items for sale. However, some netizens claimed that Grandma no longer goes to her usual spot in Tainan and occasionally appears in Pingtung Park!

Most of the people who have bought items from the elderly woman claim that the product is durable and affordable. Some of them plan to come back and buy more items. People around the vicinity of Tainan, hurry while supplies last!

Images credits: © Tainan Breaking News Commune/Facebook Groups


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