Grateful Grandmother in Tears of Happiness when Good Samaritans from a Charity Group Rebuilt Her Damaged House for Free


Simple kindness goes a long way. It may be a common word but is often praised by everyone. A random act of kindness gives the world warmth and hope.

A group of caring people from the “Taiwan Treasure Island Charity Volunteer Group” gathered and helped individuals around the city who are in need. Such is a grandmother who lives with her grandchildren in a 45-year-old house in Chunri Township, Pingtung County, which has become damaged and unstable due to the heavy rains and wind. Their home was on the brink of collapse.


In early 2020, when the group heard about the news of the grandma’s house, they immediately rushed to the scene. They noticed that the area had a bad economic environment and had no extra funds to repair the damaged homes. Fortunately, volunteers from the charity group extended a helping hand to rebuild her home. The good samaritans worked together, and soon, the water and electricity were restored, and the house was rebuilt. The newly-built house was made sturdy.

Aside from building the house for free, the charity group added more necessities for Grandma’s house. The family is ready to move back into their new home. The grandmother could not believe that a group of kind people would rebuild her home at no expense. She expressed her gratitude with tears of happiness and hugged Chairman Lin Qimao tightly.

The chairman hugged her back and said, “I am very happy to help people in need. Grandma is like my own mother. I hope she will be safe and happy after living in her restored home.”

A group in Taiwan has enthusiastic people who are willing to extend help to those in need, at no expense. They are perfect examples of individuals with kind actions of no limitations and people who spread good vibes and positive energy. Any act of random kindness (A.R.K.) done by each individual has great potential to change a person’s misfortune, perhaps even for a group of people. Every kind action is a positive reaction. Never underestimate the power of goodwill!

Images credits: © Lemonlin


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