Lebanese Model and Influencer Posts Rare 3-Generation Photos of Her Family which Amazes Celebrities and Netizens


Every mother hopes to have a daughter so she can dress up like a princess, do her hair according to the latest styles, and buy fancy clothes for her. However, not every daughter’s dream is fulfilled as she wishes. An internet fashion celebrity and mother has the skills to dress her daughter like a young supermodel. Every outfit her little girl wears amazes the woman’s followers on social media.

Nour Arida, a Lebanese-American model and mother, social media influencer, fashion blogger, and the founder of the children’s clothing line “Generation Peace”, often shares photos of her daily life as a model and mother on her social media pages. Her Instagram account has 10.7M followers, and the number is still rising.

Whether she wears a simple but fashionable white off-shoulder shirt with matching denim pants, or a black and white striped blouse, every style suits her, and each photo she shares can reach thousands of ‘LIKES’ on Instagram. Nour Arida is a seasoned model in the fashion industry.

With the curves and figure of a supermodel, netizens cannot believe that Nour Arida is already a mother. She has shared photos of herself with her beautiful daughter on Instagram, which garnered thousands of likes and comments from netizens. Most of them ask what her secret is in maintaining her model figure.

Nour Arida’s young daughter has inherited her mother’s genes, her round doe eyes, and her bright smile. She looks like a live doll that most mothers who follow Nour Arida’s social media page would like to have another daughter to dress like a model, too.

Additionally, Nour Arida trains her daughter’s skills as a fashionista at a very young age, allowing her to wear clothing suitable for children, such as pink hats or simple black dresses. Fortunately, her daughter chooses the best clothes that suit her taste.

Nour Arida has also posted photos of her young-looking mother on her social media pages. The photos amazed most of her netizens that they could not help but comment: “It turns out that the beauty gene comes from her mother!” Photos of her mother show youthful genes that run in their family, and although there are traces of some aging lines on her face, her timeless beauty is still elegant and noble.

When Nour Arida took generation pictures alongside her mother and daughter, their hairstyles were the same, so with their clothes, did the same poses, and captured shots in various places together. People who have viewed their photos on the internet agree with how strong their family genes are.

View on Instagram. Click HERE.
View on Instagram. Click HERE.

Nour Arida comes from a family with beautiful genes. Her photos on social media confirm heated discussions from netizens. If you want to see more photos of Nour Arida and her family, you can visit her Instagram page.

View on Instagram. Click HERE.

Images credits: © Nour Arida @nouraridaofficial/Instagram


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