Twins Travel Across the World to Visit Grandma—the Grandmother’s Reaction is Heart-Touching


Being overseas and living far away from your family and loved ones is hard. You are separated for hundreds of miles by continent, sea, and different time zones.

For those who are unable to come home for the holidays, greeting cards, telephone calls, and video calls are the only mode of communication. The pain of missing someone you love is truly unbearable.

Which is why this couple’s surprise is truly amazing

Credit: Youtube

This couple from New Zealand has boarded a flight for 17 hours with their twin daughters to St. Louis, Missouri, USA with one purpose, to introduce their twin daughters to their grandmother for the first time. The grandmother doesn’t have a clue of their surprise.

Credit: Youtube

What is more interesting and special is that these twins are the first twin daughters from their family in the last 54 years.

The couple walked towards the grandmother’s house and knocked on the door. Their excitement is celebrated by the two dogs inside the house who were the first to greet them.

The grandmother followed after feeling surprised at their arrival

Credit: Youtube

The surprised reaction and happiness the grandmother shows has truly made their travel special and worthwhile

In tears of joy, the grandmother carried and hugged the twins lovingly

Credit: Youtube

All the family members in the house including the grandfather felt happy and touched seeing the grandmother who is overjoyed by the surprise arrival of the twins. It is an amazing and special moment in her life.

Credit: Youtube

Watched the video below to enjoy this heartfelt moment and share it with your friends and family.


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