Lunchroom worker was fired for letting a student take free food, now wanted by famous chef


Bonnie Kimball had worked at New Hampshire high school for four years before she was fired for letting a student take food without paying.

According to CNN, the district manager of Café Services, the food services company which employed her fired her and said that what she did was “theft” although the student she helped paid his lunch tab with a total of $8 the following morning.

The food services company and the high school have offered to rehire Kimball after the incident.

However, Kimball refused to take the offer. 

Credit: CNN

“They’re not doing it for me, they are doing it to save face,” Kimball told CNN.

Even though the incident left Kimball unemployed, another job offer is waiting for her as Chef José Andrés wants to hire her after he found out about her actions. 

Credit: Twitter/@ColumbiaMDTweet

Andrés who has helped provide millions of free meals to furloughed federal workers and natural disaster survivors wanted to get Kimball who he dubbed as “hero” on board.

“If she needs a job we have openings at @thinkfoodgroup,” he said on Twitter. ‘If you know her, let her know.”

ThinkFoodGroup is the company behind Andrés’ hotels, products, initiatives, and restaurants. His business spans from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles, Vegas, Miami, as well as Puerto Rico and Mexico City.

Andrés who was named one of the Top 100 “Most Influential People” by TIME also owns World Central Kitchen, a non-profit that helps give free meals to people who are affected by natural disasters around the world.

He also stepped up to help federal employees during the Washington crisis by offering free sandwiches at any of his restaurants.

Credit: CNN


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