Aspiring Japanese Tattooist is a Stunning 11-Year-Old Girl; People from Various Countries are Amazed By Her Talent


Many people who like tattoos know that “a tattoo is for a lifetime.” Even if the tattoo on the skin can be taken off with a laser, the price is quite expensive and it will still leave scars on the body. Therefore, many people choose experienced tattoo artists to minimize the risk of “regret!”

However, the youngest tattoo artist is from Japan, with superb technique, amazed many people, and ask for her name! Not only did she succeed in becoming a tattooist at the age of 11, she had a successful career at a very young age, and she has drawn stunningly beautiful figures that left her guests in awe, successfully proving to the world that “becoming a young tattooist” can be synonymous to “the exquisiteness of the final work”!

This talented young girl who succeeded in becoming a tattoo artist at the age of 11 is Noko, from Japan!

Although many people think that children at this age are always impetuous and unqualified, Noko has proven otherwise! The young girl takes her talent very seriously.

As you can see from her works, her tattoo creations are a collection of traditional Japanese Zen and Ukiyo-e styles~

But just like the creations of various professional tattooists, Noko creates cute patterns of children’s cartoons~

Seeing her beautiful creations of various professional standards, do you want to fly to Japan to meet her if you want to get a tattoo?

Noko, who often publishes her work on the internet, has not been a tattoo artist for a long time, but there are already many foreigners who have gone to Japan and ask her to create a tattoo for them!

At present, there are more than 30 foreigners who have left Noko-style tattoos on their bodies~

But why does Noko, who is all of 11-years-old, want to become a tattoo artist? It turns out that Noko’s father also has the same profession!

Since Noko was very young, he discovered that she was not only very interested in drawing and creating tattoo designs, but also very fond of tattoo-related things, so he allowed his daughter to get into the hobby little by little, and started when she was 6 years old, trying on real skin~

Everyone has noticed that Noko has many special patterns on her body, but her father specially explained this, because her daughter is still young, it is not yet suitable at her age to leave something permanent on her body, so her tattoos are actually “stickers”, hoping other people don’t worry too much! Noko’s father finally emphasized that he will take good care of the child and protect her from being hurt by bashers and their comments on the internet!

Although many countries in the world still hold a relatively conservative attitude towards “tattoos”, many believe that with the guidance of her father, Noko will have the opportunity to become a very established tattoo artist in the future!

Note: Instagram photos are embedded. You may check out the original post on Noko’s Instagram page via the links under the photos.


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