Hardworking Female Student from Indonesia is Willing to Work Lifting Heavy Cement to Help Her Parents


They may not have the courage to express how they feel, but children do not seem comfortable seeing their parents do heavy work at home or in their workplace. Although children do understand that parents have to do jobs to feed the family, seeing parents with advanced ages still doing heavy workload is quite stressful for children. However, not all families are lucky enough to be financially able without having to work for a living.

Most responsible children take the initiative to help ease their parents’ burden. Even if their parents do not ask for help, they are willing to lend a helping hand to the family. It is indeed a child’s sacred duty to extend help to their parents as the parents would do, too.

Recently, photos and a video of a female student went viral on social media as she worked as a construction worker carrying sacks of cement to help her parents earn a living. A diligent young woman from Indonesia wearing a hijab went viral as she is seen working hard as a construction worker willing to carry heavy sacks of cement, Wolipop news reported. A video clip uploaded by the young student named Nur Halisa shows her on a construction site lifting heavy sacks of cement from a truck.

The teenage student was seen carrying the sacks one by one and bringing them into a building. She seems to be very strong for a woman her size and does not care about how hard her job is. “Learning to enjoy what you have, it will make your life more valuable. Don’t forget to be grateful and help your parents,” she said.

When Nur Halisa was interviewed by Detik.com, the teenage student said she worked intending to help both her parents and wanted to serve them. “I’m sorry to see my parents working, that’s why I want to help them both. While there is still time, be devoted to your parents. Don’t forget to be grateful for your chances of helping them,” she said. “So I work as a cement lifter because they feel sorry for my parents still working. I want to help them and have fun with them.”

According to Nur Halisa, she wants netizens who watched the video to learn to be grateful and not complain. As much as possible, help your parents.

“Everything needs a process. Even if it is heavy, but the result is no less great, InshaAllah, do not forget to be grateful for helping your parents,” Nur Halisa captioned on her TikTok page.

To date, the video has been viewed 5.8 million times, received 848.8K likes and 21.1k comments, and has garnered 8,636 shares. Netizens were touched by her hard work and wished that she would be successful in all her endeavors someday.


prosesnya memang berat, tapi hasilnya tak kalah hebat, insyaallah jgn lupa bersyukur bantu orang tua 😇🙏@nrhlisa25_ #kerjakeras #doaibuselamanya #fyp #viral #casis #pejuangrupiah #fypシ #tiktok #trending #foryoupage

♬ suara asli – Nur Halisa6775 – Nurhalisa1

“MashaAllah, it is always a motivation to work with gratitude and sincerity,” said one netizen in the comments.

“Hopefully, it can be a motivation for me to always work with a sense of gratitude and seriousness,” commented another netizen who watched the video.

Images screenshots credits: Nur Halisa @nurhalisa1__/TikTok


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