A 60-year-old Woman with 8 Grandchildren and has Body Fat of Only 19% is Called “The Strongest Grandma on Earth”


Nobody would believe that a 60-year-old grandma could have a body of a woman in her 20s. She has refined abdominal muscles, and a firm body, with body fat of only 19%. Additionally, she already has 8 grandchildren. Amazing!

Sun Lan Ma, who has appeared on Zheng Hongyi and her sister Zhu‘s Podcast program, “No Big No Little Lagio,” shared how to maintain a youthful body and state of mind, no matter how old you are. Everybody has the opportunity to build their own strength and youthful looks through determination and a proper mindset.

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1. Cancer has changed her life through “Rigid Exercising”

Since she was a child, Sun Lan Ma had a very strict upbringing, and also strict family education was imposed. Hence, she was also very strict with her own children. She did minimal interaction with her kids and was not very warm with her approach. Her relationship with her children was not close since she was always busy with work. Unfortunately, at age 34, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. This made her decide to change her lifestyle. She still wanted to raise her children, so she “repaired” her relationship with her kids and decided to improve her health.

After her surgery, she took time away from work to recuperate. She wakes up daily at 4:00 AM to swim, makes breakfast, sends her children to school, then goes hiking and does yoga. When she has returned home from work, though she is tired, she still finds time to exercise.

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2. Well-developed “Super Crazy Abs”

Sun Lan Ma has maintained a good habit of exercising for more than 20 years and has developed refined abdominal muscles. She would begin her routine exercises at home while her grandson is asleep. She would do 40 minutes of core exercises a day, which led to developing her abdominal muscles in just 6 months! At 60-years-old, she has a body fat of only 19%. For 90 minutes at least 4 days a week, Sun Lan Ma would do core muscle group exercises. Additionally, she goes mountain climbing for 14-kilometers daily with her friends. Sun Lan Ma has a small waistline and firm muscle tones.

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3. Baiyue mountain climbing and Iron Man Triathlon

6 years after her retirement, she climbed the Baiyue Mountains and joined the 17-hour-long Iron Man Triathlon. In the competition, she has to swim 3,800 meters, ride a 180-kilometer road bike, and complete a 42-kilometer marathon. She plans to join her 3rd competition this year. She loves mountain climbing and has walked up the Baiyue Mountains more than 30 times. Nowadays, she climbs twice a month. Sun Lan Ma jokes that since she exercises a lot, her health insurance card has been useless for 15 years.

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4. Work hard for yourself, for life

Sun Lan Ma wore a bikini for the first time, and it was bought by her daughter-in-law. Feeling shy at first, both her daughter-in-law and her own daughter encouraged her.

“You can still wear a bikini at the age of 57, so you have to take good care of your body!”

In addition to exercising daily, she has learned to open up to people from all walks of life. She has become more open-minded and faced them calmly. She has once asked herself, “Why not be happy and look good?” Her children have started buying thongs for her, and she admits that she is happy to accept, and proudly wear them.

Sun Lan Ma encourages everyone to live life to the fullest since we only live once.

“Don’t consume your life making money only. Seize every moment, don’t give up no matter how old you are. Live until you get old and learn. Live a good life for yourself.”

Photo credits: Lisa Liao @lisaliao1479/Instagram


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