A Korean Store Sells Stylish Clothing for Babies; the Cute Starfish-shaped Overall is Highly Patronized by Parents


The happiness of first-time parents is incomparable. When the mother is still in her stages of pregnancy, the couple starts making a list of baby names and buying clothing for their newborn child. Some couples buy clothes whose colors maybe for a boy or a girl. When the cold season begins, parents buy all sorts of warm clothing that the baby may feel comfortable in. They vary for indoors or outdoors.

A Korean clothing line has been trending on Instagram lately. Hehu shop sells unique baby clothing that is thick enough for the cold weather. Among them are the starfish and duck clothes, which are highly patronized by parents. Photos of babies wearing these one-piece clothing are shared on the shop’s website, and the enjoyment is visible on the toddlers’ cute faces. Surely, their parents want to hug them tight as we do, too. 🥰

Hehu shop has recently posted several new clothing styles for babies on their website. Though the most popular design was the starfish baby clothes. 4 designs have been released so far. The apricot, cream, broken flowers, and bear patterns. The baby’s chubby arms and legs fit into the starfish’s tentacles. Photos on Hehu’s website show how the babies are feeling comfortable in their clothing line. The starfish overall is made out of a warm fabric that feels like it is hugging the toddler.

Netizens have been feasting their eyes on the toddlers wearing the starfish overall. According to some comments, while the babies are wearing them and their arms and legs are stretched out, they look like Buzz Lightyear that is about to take off when their parents carry them high in the air. How can netizens resist such an irresistible moving starfish? The inside layer is padded and has openings for their arms and legs to keep them warm and enable them to reach out.

In addition to the starfish overalls for the toddlers, there is also the duck outfit. It is also an overall, but in snow-white fabric, and it has a duckbill and webbed feet. Imagine babies wearing duck overalls at home while walking around the house. They will surely touch your hearts! 💖

Take a look at another overall especially designed by Hehu’s website owner. It is another overall in mouse design. 😆 It may be cute, but it seems hilarious to have a block of cheese on the baby’s head.

Other Korean brands of clothing manufacture overalls which imitate a series of animals, such as the purple elephant Heffalump. Mothers have been fascinated by the design and have bought them for their toddlers at home. The cute babies transform into the flying cartoon elephant with huge ears. They simply look adorable and perfect even when they are photographed candidly while yawning.

Japan’s MarlMarl coordinated with Snoopy and developed a Snoopy-designed pajama set for babies. When they are worn, it gives the illusion of a dog crawling or sitting. These designs are suitable for the cold weather since they are made of thick fabric. Nowadays, since online shopping has been the trend, parents order these overalls and pajamas for their toddlers, and luckily, these companies ship worldwide.

Toddlers enjoy that their parents dress them up in these clothes and take photos to be shared online. Other netizens with babies share comments and information on how to purchase these warm clothing for cold weather.

Credits: Hehu shop/Instagram


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