A 3-year-old Girl Opens the Door for an Elderly Man Delivering Gallons of Water


In the city of Guangyuan, Sichuan in China, a netizen recently posted photos of a 3-year-old girl coming home from school and opening a door for an elderly man delivering gallons of water inside the building.

Photos show the little girl opening the glass door to the building for the elderly man to deliver the gallons with ease. She was carrying a backpack and wearing her school clothes.

The little girl noticed the man carrying 2 heavy containers of water. Upon seeing that the elderly man was burdened by the weight of the containers, she pushed open the glass door and held it open for him.

Netizens were touched by the little girl’s gesture.

It was revealed that the man delivering containers of water was the little girl’s father. For a 3-year-old girl, the small gesture was the kindest and the most caring reminder that being helpful is one form of respect for elderly people.

Netizens who have seen the photos understood that kindness should be imposed on children and should start while they are still young, and their minds are still being molded. The best lessons are learned through a family member.

One of the netizens who saw the photos said: “Seeing the little girl’s small figure but pushing the big door, I really feel very touched. I believe that the elderly man, her father, was also moved.”

The little girl is a perfect example of kindness that does not recognize age and stature. A little helpful gesture can come a long way and leave the greatest impression on other people. They will never forget random acts of kindness for a long time, perhaps even a lifetime.


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