YouTuber from Vietnam Created His Own Ferrari Supercar and Amazes the Crowd on the Road


Every car enthusiast dreams of owning a Ferrari supercar, though not everyone can afford to buy this luxury car. Since a Ferrari in the USA has a starting price of $262,647.00 (6,008,706,742.50 Vietnamese dongs), a YouTube user from Vietnam made his own “Ferrari 488 GTB”.

Although it may be different from the original supercar, at first glance you would think it is the real Ferrari and it runs fast on the road, sources say. His DIY ability has passed!

▼YouTube channel, “NHẾT TV,” has a video on how he made his DIY Ferrari supercar. He and his friends started with draft design drawings, estimated on what materials to buy, gradually assembled the parts, then voila! Finally, the DIY Ferrari supercar is ready to be tested on the road.

▼The downside of the DIY Ferrari is that, in terms of horsepower, it may never be comparable, no doubt. Although the YouTuber still did his best to restore every detail, such as the driver’s seat that is comfortable enough for racing.

▼It took a total of 60 days for the YouTuber and his friends to come up with the finished product. At first glance, you would think that the prototype is a real Ferrari… from the windshield, the red-painted body of the car, the bright headlights, the hood, even the Ferrari’s official logo!

▼Amazingly, the DIY supercar runs smoothly on the road. Here is a video of how they assembled the prototype supercar and the test drive.

Credits to: NHẾT TV/YouTube

The 38-minute video was shared on YouTube, and it has garnered thousands of views in just a few days. Although the prototype could not run more than 600 horsepower, it still manages to amaze people with its attractive looks and its running speed when it is driven on the road! Vrrooooommmmm!!!

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