Internet Celebrity from Indonesia Paid US $3,483.00 for Her Wedding Make-up to Transform Her into the Most Beautiful Bride


Her wedding day is one of the most memorable moments for a woman. It is that one event that every bride wants to look her best, no matter how much it would cost.

Most brides are willing to pay a high price for make-up services just for them to look their best, and they do get amazing results.

Credits to: Imel Vilentcia (Makeup Artist) @imelvilentcia/TikTok
Credits to: Imel Vilentcia (Makeup Artist) @imelvilentcia/TikTok

Recently on TikTok, a new bride, 26-year-old Indonesian internet celebrity named Tasya Revina, revealed that she has paid her make-up artist around US $3,483.00 (RM14,619 MYR) for the perfect bride make-up on her wedding day. The video showed moments when Tasya’s make-up session was still ongoing.

Image credit: Queen Tasya Revina @tasyarev/TikTok
Image credit: Queen Tasya Revina @tasyarev/TikTok

Another video posted by her make-up artist, Imel Vilentcia, shows the results. After her make-up was done, Tasya paid in spot cash without asking for any discounts. The bride was more than satisfied with what she saw in the mirror. The result was a success!


I love ce @imelvilentciaandteam so much ❤️ wedding reception looks ❤️

♬ Doraemon Kucing Langka by Marion Jola – Marion Jola
Credits to: Queen Tasya Revina @tasyarev/TikTok

Wedding makeup for @tasyarev 😍 50juta di bayar CASHHH tanpa nawar 😍🔥🔥🔥

♬ I’ll Be There For You – vanesa.
Credits to: Imel Vilentcia (Makeup Artist)

Congratulations, Tasya, and Best Wishes!!


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