102-Year Old Grandmother was Not Allowed to Attend Her Granddaughter’s Wedding; Most Memorable Wedding Photos Brought Lasting Memories Instead


Every young woman dreams of having the most wonderful wedding event, just like a little girl dreaming of being a princess when she grows up. Of course, a young woman usually wants the blessing of their elders.

Young bride Tara Foley from Texas was getting married soon, but her 102-year-old grandmother lives in a peaceful hospice far away, and could not attend her wedding. Grandma wanted to see Tara in her wedding dress, which was her last wish. Tara learned about it and decided to make Grandma’s dream come true!

Tara shared her story with her grandmother on Facebook. One day the hospice nurse asked her grandmother what other wishes she had, but instead, she said her most regretful thing was that she couldn’t attend her granddaughter’s wedding. The wedding took place two months later, and she was not in good health. Her heart was already failing.

Tara did not want her grandmother to feel sad and regret not being able to attend her wedding, so she contacted the photographer, took her wedding dress with her, and flew on a plane to visit her grandmother. She appeared in her wedding dress and beautiful make-up in front of her grandmother, a moment that was more exciting than her wedding.

“I can’t put into words what it means to me, but I’ll be looking back on that time for the rest of my life. Your voice and smile will always be engraved in my mind, between us, Love, Hubi!”

Grandma also knew that this was the last time she and her granddaughter would meet. “She held my cheek with both hands and looked me in the eye and said, ‘I love you very much,'” Tara said.

27 days later, grandma passed away, and she left peacefully without any regrets.

On the wedding day, Tara took out a framed photo of herself wearing a wedding dress and with her grandmother, and her family discovered she had been to the hospice and couldn’t help bursting into tears.

Grandma is gone, but Tara has collected the most precious moments with her through pictures. “Every time I see this set of photos, I can feel grandmother’s love, and that deep affection will never go away,” Tara said, teary-eyed.


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