Delivery Man Hides the Packages of the Items that the Wife Has Ordered Online so Her Husband will Never Find Them


Online shopping has been the trend as of late to netizens young and old alike. These online shopping websites and apps offer big discounts at factory prices that entice people to order various items, and sometimes by the bulk. When shopping malls offer products with high prices, online websites cut the prices in half, sometimes more.

Recently, a wife living in the USA shared her passion for online shopping on her social media. The twist though is that she secretly purchases online and instructed the delivery man to hide the packages from her husband. Netizens who watched the video said, “This delivery man goes the extra mile to save a customer.”

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Screenshot image credit: @stephanielerin/TikTok Wife does not like her husband to know of her purchases online, leaving instructions at the door for the delivery man to find.

On the day her purchases were to be delivered, and afraid that her husband may discover her online orders, the celebrity wife (identity hidden) left a subtle instruction at the front door via a floor mat that she knew the delivery man would find. The instructions written were, “HIDE PACKAGES FROM HUSBAND”, hoping that the delivery man would do her the favor.

The video from a closed-circuit television (CCTV) that was shared online and instantly went viral showed an Amazon delivery man arriving at the front door. Immediately, he saw the subtle message on the floor mat after pressing the doorbell. He hurriedly hid the packages behind a flowerpot, took a photo, and sent it to the customer to make her aware of where they were hidden. After completing the task and still no response at the door, he turned to leave when the door suddenly opened. It was the husband!

Screenshot image credit: @stephanielerin/TikTok The wife left an instruction at the door on the delivery day after shopping online, “HIDE PACKAGES FROM HUSBAND”, hoping the deliveryman will do her the favor.

▼ Here are some screenshots of how the Amazon delivery man hid the packages: ▼

Screenshot image credit: @stephanielerin/TikTok
Screenshot image credit: @stephanielerin/TikTok
Screenshot image credit: @stephanielerin/TikTok

The husband asked if there were packages to be delivered to them. Luckily, the delivery man had a quick and witty response, and said, “No…no…” There was an awkward moment between the two men, so he quickly responded, “No, I just want to tell you about the gospel of Jesus Christ…”

Upon hearing this, the husband informed the delivery man that they were having dinner. He then excused himself, apologized for interrupting, and left. Problem solved!

Screenshot image credit: @stephanielerin/TikTok The wife’s husband asked the delivery man if he had packages delivered, and the deliveryman choked back with “No…no…”, which was very thrilling!

Netizens praised the delivery man and responded with comments, “This delivery man goes the extra mile to save a customer.”

Credits to: @stephanielerin/TikTok

Afterwards, the wife then said that she was very satisfied with the deliveryman’s cooperation and quick thinking. Some netizens made hilarious comments saying that he was wearing his uniform but goes around spreading the gospel. Some recommended that the next time a similar incident occurs, tell the owners you pressed the wrong button or maybe you went to the wrong house.

Some netizens wondered, though, that if the husband invited him in to hear more of the gospel, would he have been able to cope? This unusual situation has brought cheers to everyone who watched the video!

Source credits: WeekendHK


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