Heartwarming and Emotional Reunion Between a 95-year-old Grandma and Her Brother After 5 Years of Being Separated


A reunion between family members can be very emotional and touching, especially when they have been apart for so many years. Here is a story of a reunion between an elderly man and his sister after being apart for 5 years.

95-year-old Mary Pine surprised his younger brother, 94-year-old Bob Taylor by showing up 5 years ago at his home in Atlanta, Georgia. Time had passed and a lot has happened, and both of them have not seen each other in that period. Mary has moved into a nursing home facility in Ambler, Pennsylvania. When the pandemic struck, and worldwide lockdown started in 2020, the siblings had to settle for phone conversations daily instead of seeing each other.

Fate changed all that when younger brother Bob and his two adult grandchildren went all the way to her home, doing a 13-hour drive to surprise Mary on her birthday on the 4th of July, 2021. Two granddaughters, Morgan Taylor and Kenzie Hardin took videos of the heartwarming moment between the siblings. As soon as Mary walked into the visitor’s area, her mouth fell open with surprise when she saw her beloved younger brother and was overwhelmed with happiness as she suddenly hugged him tightly.

“It definitely pulled some heartstrings,” Morgan said. “I’m so happy he got the opportunity to see her again and her reaction was priceless. I know they were both overwhelmed with joy and love, and that’s all I could ask for as a granddaughter.”

Courtesy of: Happily/YouTube

WARNING: You may not be able to hold back tears upon watching this video. A very touching and happy reunion that will surely fill your eyes with tears of joy.  And why not spread the love by click on the ‘Like’ button and ‘Share’ this story with your friends and family.

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