10 Siblings Are Educated by Their Parents Through Home Schooling and They All Are Accepted in Universities Before They Are 13 Years Old


A family where all members are geniuses? Believe it or not! A couple taught their 10 children at home and all of them managed to enter a university before they turned 13-years-old, which shocked the whole world.

Monalisa Harding, 53, the mother of the 10 children insists that they are NOT “genius children”. Their intelligence and discipline are the results of efficient homeschooling methods that Monalisa and her husband have instilled into them.

Image credit: Mona Lisa Harding/Facebook

Monalisa and her husband Kip Harding have been a couple since high school in San Jose, California. When they started having children, they taught them from home using a syllabus they have arranged unlike the syllabus being followed in a traditional school. All their 10 children have undergone the homeschooling method.

The couple realized that their teaching method was a success when their first 3 children were admitted into a university before they were 13-years-old. Their eldest daughter, Hannah, now 34, has graduated at the age of 17 from Auburn University in Montgomery. She has a degree in Mathematics and has managed to enter the university at 11-years-old.

Recently, their youngest son, Thunder, has passed the college SATs in 2020. Before his acceptance into a university, his eight elder siblings also have graduated from a university at age 16. The Harding siblings not only possess outstanding academic excellence, but they also have impressive achievements in their careers.

Image credit: Mona Lisa Harding/Facebook

Six of the Harding siblings have outstanding careers as doctors, architects, and spacecraft designers. Seth Harding has become the youngest lawyer in Alabama at the age of 19. Monalisa believed that her children’s success was due to her husband’s insistence on using the “Home education” technique.

Kip and Monalisa Harding’s method of homeschooling have proved more efficient than sending their children to a traditional school. According to them, every family can do this same method to their own children.

Image credit: Mona Lisa Harding/Facebook

The couple has been invited to give lectures throughout the United States and provide consulting services for interested families, though they are committed to promoting “home education”. Currently, they have released a book they wrote entitled, The Brainy Bunch, providing details on how to achieve appropriate educational methods and skills from home.


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