4yo Japanese Girl with Doe Eyes and Long Hair Hides Herself in a Box is So Cute that Everyone Adores Her Cuteness


I don’t know if everyone will agree with me. Every time I watch a baby’s video or see baby photos, I can’t help but be amused. After all, their faces are so cute. They are my stress-reliever! Some girls have natural doe-looking eyes, which makes it hard to resist their charm. Some people think out loud and say: “I really want to have a daughter like her!”

Some days ago, I came across a baby account, “saki_____suki”, on Instagram. She is a Japanese girl born in 2017. Although she is young, she has an angel-like beauty, big jewel-like eyes, flawless cheeks that compare to rice dumplings, and is so cute no matter what angle, just looking at her photos is enough to make people melt.

This little girl’s name is Saki. She is from Japan. She is popular because of several photos taken of her nested in a cardboard box. Her mother took the photo, showing Saki playing like a small doll in the cardboard box, moving around. Her photos are so heart-warming that some people just wanted to hug her!

While playing in the cardboard box, Saki pouts and squeezes her lips. She is very cute! Hey hey hey, are some mothers-to-be hoping to have a baby girl? 😆

Not only that. Saki doesn’t only play in cardboard boxes! Her lively gestures are even more brilliant! Saki has a very happy relationship with her parents, and she can make hilarious faces for the camera. For instance, she opens her mouth wide when eating and uses colored pencils for chopsticks, or when she is lying on her father’s shoulder in a comfortable and cute posture. Every picture is captioned, and netizens couldn’t help but write cute comments.

Saki, who has long eyelashes and a chubby face, is not only loved by her parents, she is also cared for by her brother! When the older brother is with cute Saki, he makes sure that she is always looked after. He assures her that he has her back. As the younger sister grows bigger, the older brother is also like her little guarantor. He stays with her like a bodyguard!

Time flies quickly. Since Saki was born in 2017, she has now reached the age of 4-years-old. Seeing her recent photos of her birthday, we can find that Saki’s appearance has changed. She used to have a babyface. But now that the chubby face is gone, her face is more refined, though her doe eyes remain unchanged. She is like a little beauty who has reached a new level~

Moreover, Saki still has long wavy hair and looks more like a little girl than a baby. It is impeccable from any angle. This is what people call a “natural beauty”!

It is worth mentioning that Saki’s Instagram page has accumulated up to 35,000 followers. At a very young age, Saki has captured the hearts of many people. In the future, Saki may grow up to be a very beautiful young woman, admired by many. You may follow her on Instagram to see more of her cute photos, a timeline collection of various photos while she grows up!

This little girl is really a cutie that some women are hoping to have a daughter in the future as beautiful as Saki!


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