90-year-old Grandmother Paints Beautiful Flower Designs on Her Neighborhood Walls ❤️; Residents are Stunned!


Is your home arranged the way you really want it to look? Although many people’s homes may only have simple decorations, a beautiful environment is also very important and the best place to live in!

A 90-year-old grandmother from the Czech Republic understands this principle. She has worked hard to paint beautiful decorations in the small town where she lives, and netizens can’t help but admire the results!

Her name is Anežka (Agnes) Kašpárková. She uses blue paint to decorate the town with beautiful floral designs every spring and summer. She paints delicate flowers and leaves on door frames, windows, and walls. It has become a whole piece of gorgeous wall art, which looks both classic and alive!

Agnes used to work on a farm. She met some colleagues who also like to paint at work, so she developed the same hobbies!

These exquisite and complicated patterns are inspired by the art of classical Moravian (Southern Czech Republic). Agnes carefully paints with a small brush, creating a variety of cute flower patterns. Although it is very hard work, the result is stunningly beautiful!

After grandma’s skillful painting, the whole town became more energetic as if it had been given a new life. The residents also appreciated grandma’s creation very much. When interviewed by the media, she was also happy to say that she was not after money or popularity, she just likes to paint, and is very happy that everyone likes her work!

“I am an artist,” she stated to the Czech media. “I just enjoy wall painting, and I want to help.”

I can only say that this is really amazing! It is difficult for young people to draw such complicated patterns, let alone a grandmother in her 90s! (Wow! Grandma Agnes must have very strong knees!)

I hope that everyone can be like grandma Agnes, never giving up on their hobbies and dreams, no matter what our age is! It’s never too late to pursue your dreams.


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