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The Truth Behind the Success of People with High IQ’s is They Do Not Socialize and Go Out with Friends Often


Studies found that people with high IQ do not like to socialize! Every time we meet with friends, we relax, talk, and have fun together… instantly throwing all your stress and worries out the window. However, people with exceptionally high IQs may be different from ordinary people.

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Research shows that these intellectual people “will not be happy the more time they spend with friends.” In other words, these people with high IQs don’t like to socialize!

According to the research of the British Journal of Psychology, the evolutionary psychologist of the London School of Economics and Political Science, Drs. Satoshi Kanazawa and Norman P. Li from the Singapore Management University studied, “Why are some people happier than others?” through observations of the evolution of human society. They came up with the “The Savanna Theory of Happiness”.

The effect of such ancestral consequences on happiness is stronger among less intelligent individuals than among more intelligent individuals. Consistent with the theory, being an ethnic minority, living in urban areas, and socializing with friends less frequently all reduce happiness, but the effects of these conditions are significantly stronger among less intelligent individuals than among more intelligent individuals. For some people, living in a sparsely populated country is happier than living in a densely populated city.

They analyzed 15,000 respondents aged 18-28 and came up with 2 major conclusions:

1. Country people are happier than urban people. The group of people still living with their ancestors is almost 150 people, and the larger the group, the more you have to learn how to cooperate and reciprocate, and it is more prone to cause friction and unhappiness. At this time, “friendship” outside the family has become The key to people’s happiness.

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2. “Friendship” can help human ancestors overcome hunting and share the responsibility of raising children.

Based on the two conclusions above, “friendship” can make people happier. Therefore, since the development of human society, most people today think that friendship and social interaction are very important, and they are also the key to making life happier.

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However, the theories above do not apply to the “extremely smart” people, because people with extremely high IQs have no difficulty living in areas with high population densities and large groups. They can solve problems in life on their own, so they do not need to share their worries and stress from work with friends, and they are not overly dependent on others.

The research report wrote: “The smarter people are with friends too often, reduce their satisfaction with life.” The researchers also concluded: “The impact of population density on life satisfaction is important for people with low IQs. than those with people with high IQs.”

The reason why people with high IQ spend relatively less time on socializing is that they can “focus more on some of their goals” and they can easily face the difficulties in life, so high IQ people are more successful in achieving certain life goals and extraordinary accomplishments.

However, this does not mean that people who like to get along with friends have low IQs. The main point of this study is that people will not feel alone if they are more inclined to “spend time to themselves and achieve their goals in life”!

High IQ people do not necessarily have “no friends”. They just choose not to spend too much time on “socializing” and do not need to improve their life satisfaction through close relationships!

Now that we have some knowledge of the theories, when you encounter someone who likes to be alone and doesn’t go out with friends, they are not marginalized people. These are the ones with particularly high IQ and often keep to themselves!



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