A Hamster who Eats Anchovies Leaves the Bones Like a Pro on Its Owner’s Fingers


There are certain kinds of food that we can feed to our pet hamsters, mostly we buy from the pet store. Here is a pet hamster who unusually leaves the anchovy bones on its owner’s finger after it eats.

“When I gave anchovies to my hungry hamster, the anchovies were left bone-clean.”

Recently, a netizen shared a photo through his Twitter account with the description, “The bones left after our hamster ate some anchovies.”

In a shared photo, the hamster with two small front paws was seen eating anchovies.

In the next picture, there were no anchovies left but only bones.

The hamster ate all the anchovies clean with only its bones left.

Most of the netizens who saw the photo must have seen anchovy bones for the first time in their lives.

Although the anchovies were small in size, their bones looked no different from other fish thorns.

Netizens who saw the photo reacted astonished and left remarkable comments.


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