Business Has Stopped Due to Lockdown. The Aquarium’s Staff Fish Out 400kg of Coins from the Whimsical Wish Pool for Marine Life Emergency Funds


Due to the impact of COVID-19, many establishments in the tourism industry have been out of business for a long time, resulting in a sharp drop in income and operational problems. An aquarium in North Carolina, USA, is no exception. When the staff started worrying about funding for the animals, the museum suddenly had an idea. The wishing pool has not been cleared in 14 years and has accumulated thousands of coins. Now, marine life can be restored!

▼Originally, there was a 9-meter-high waterfall wishing pool in the museum. Since the aquarium was closed for 5 months due to COVID-19, it was almost impossible to pay for the operating expenses. It even caused problems to maintain the needs of the animals. So the aquarium’s staff thought of clearing the coins in the wishing pool for emergency purposes.

▼Unexpectedly, it took 4 hours to clean the pool and sort out the coins, and finally, 9 large boxes were filled! The staff cleared 100 gallons of coins weighing 400 kilograms.

Strength in Numbers Tutoring created this simple spreadsheet to estimate how much money Pine Knoll Shores recently collected from their Smoky Mountain waterfall. Credit to Robert Janicki and his YouTube Video “How Much Change in a Gallon of Change”. Assuming there are more pennies than quarters, and far fewer nickels and dimes, we estimate $39,314.15:

It seems that all the coins I saved in my piggy bank since when I was a child are very useful in emergencies! The COVID-19 pandemic is not going away soon, so start the habit of saving money for special circumstances!


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