7-Year-Old Girl from Ottowa, Canada with Petite Body Can Amazingly Lift Weights of 80kgs. and Bravely Won the U.S. National Championship; Deemed the “Strongest Little Girl in the World”


When people talk of sports, everyone’s impression of an athlete is a strong and tall person, someone with a body with large muscles. Other people say this is not the field for women due to their delicate features and physique. A little girl from Canada can prove that notion wrong. Some women have unlimited potential when it comes to sports. As the saying goes, ‘Never judge a book by its cover.’

According to DailyMail.com, a 7-year-old girl from Ottowa, Canada, has an amazing talent. Rory van Ulft has incredible strength, strong hands that can easily snatch 32kgs. and clean and jerk 42kgs. as well as squatting 61kgs., and deadlifting 80kgs. using an Olympic women’s bar!

Rory said she ‘just clears her mind and does it’ when lifting heavy weights during competitions.
‘Strongest girl in the world’ Rory van Ulft, seven, from Ottowa, can deadlift 80kg and boasts that working out allows her to ‘get better at everything she tries.’

Rory’s weight-lifting talent was discovered during her gymnastics class when she turned 5-years-old. Her coach discovered that Rory could lift objects with heavyweights, tested her, and suggested she start training for weight lifting.

Rory started training at the age of just five when she was scouted during a gymnastics class.

Since then, Rory has trained rigidly for weightlifting, under the watchful eye of a professional coach. She was only 7-years-old when she participated in the All-American 30kg weight class under-11, and under-13 category was crowned the grand winner, making her the youngest national champion in history!

Her parents Cavan and Lindsay believe Rory could be the ‘strongest girl in the world’ because of her weightlifting ability.
Cavan explained Rory’s staggering Sinclair competition total of 213.738 makes her the best pound-for-pound 11-and-under lifter in the States.

Many people worry that weight-lifting at a very young may be dangerous for Rory, though her family insists that she is accompanied by a professional coach throughout her training, and they will always prioritize their daughter’s health and safety first, and will never force her if she withdraws from the sport.

Her father Cavan insisted there is ‘currently no one better’ than his little girl competing in the national competitions.
The seven-year-old said other children ‘don’t pick on her’ in school despite her unusual hobby.
Rory advised others ‘don’t think about the weight’ when competing but instead ‘focus on form.’

“I like myself getting stronger and stronger!” said Rory, happily. “I’m not going to think about what’s going to happen in the future, I’m going to empty my mind when I lift weights and concentrate on it!” Her father, Cavan, also proudly said, “My daughter is the strongest 7-year-old girl in the world!”

Rory, who wears fake temporary tattoos during competitions, trains for weightlifting four hours a week.
Rory, who can squat 61kgs. and deadlift 80kgs. using an Olympic women’s bar, said she just ‘loves getting stronger’

Rory also mentioned that her favorite sport is actually not weightlifting, but gymnastics! She considers herself a professional gymnast, so she spends nine hours per week gymnastics training and only four hours on weightlifting. Thanks to both Rory’s knowledgeable coaches in weightlifting and gymnastics, she has honed her talents and is deemed the strongest young girl in the world!

Rory spends nine hours per week gymnastics training and four hours on weightlifting.

Here is a video of how Rory trains in the gym. It is quite difficult to imagine such a petite body with such great power. Many people believe that when she grows older, she will be at best with her chosen sport!



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